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Representative Fu Qingmei: Suggests Speeding Up the Promotion of Rural Toilet Renovation and Collaborative Management of Rural Domestic Sewage.

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"The renovation of toilets in rural areas and the management of domestic sewage in rural areas are important aspects of the rural living environment rectification and are important measures in the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy." On March 9, National People's Congress representative Fu Qingmei stated that this has been a topic she has been concerned about for a long time.


In recent years, the renovation of toilets in rural areas and the management of domestic sewage in the Qianxinan Prefecture have achieved certain results. However, there is still a lack of effective connection between the renovation of toilets in rural areas and the management of domestic sewage.

National People's Congress representative, Fu Qingmei.


In her proposal on "accelerating the coordinated management of rural toilet reform and rural domestic sewage", Fu Qingmei listed several reasons:


Firstly, there is no synchronised planning in the management of black and grey water. Because rural sewage treatment and toilet reform are led by different departments, there is a lack of coordination in project preparation and implementation, and black and grey water are not designed and considered simultaneously.


Secondly, the investment in rural sewage treatment facilities is significant, and the maintenance cost in the later stage is high. This leads to some densely populated streets that neither have land to build septic tanks nor have pipe networks to receive toilet waste. This makes it difficult to achieve harmless discharge of toilet waste.


In addition, in some places, rural households have built three format septic tanks, but there is nowhere for domestic sewage to be discharged, so the sewage must be drained into the septic tanks. Since the volume of the three format septic tanks is limited, the feces cannot reach the designed treatment time limit, and the grey water contains a large amount of chemicals, which cannot be used for irrigation. The toilet waste cannot be reused, and the discharge of the tailwater still causes significant environmental pollution. The contradiction is still prominent.


How to accelerate the coordination of rural toilet reform and rural domestic sewage treatment? Fu Qingmei proposed three suggestions:


Strengthen top-level design. In project preparation, unified planning and multiple regulations should be merged into one. Integrate rural toilet reform and domestic sewage treatment and the development of rural revitalization demonstration points into a unified plan, synchronized management, and synchronized implementation to ensure effective coordination between rural toilet reform and domestic sewage treatment.


Strengthen the linkage between the departments and gather the collective effort. Enhance the communication and coordination between the functional departments, integrate resources and forces, tackle tough issues together, concentrate efforts on significant tasks, and avoid scattered investment of funds.


Strengthen post-operation maintenance. In places with domestic sewage treatment facilities, strengthen post-operation maintenance to ensure the normal operation of facilities. Meanwhile, in places without sewage treatment facilities, actively explore effective ways to recycle and utilize resources locally. Also, separate the discharge of black and grey water. After the toilet waste settles in the three format septic tanks, the effluent can be used for soil infiltration or watering vegetable gardens to recycle and utilize it.



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