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Company Highlights

We are a waste treatment company that generates revenue through design, development, manufacture, sales, installation, operation and maintenance of sewage treatment systems and by providing sewage treatment services. We primarily engage in two business lines: rural sewage treatment and septic tank treatment in both urban and rural areas.

  ♦ For rural sewage treatment, we sell complete sewage treatment systems, construct rural sewage treatment plants, install the systems, and provide on-going operation and maintenance services for such systems and plants in China for municipalities and enterprise clients.

  ♦ For septic tank treatment, we offer on site, or in-situ, septic tank treatment services with our proprietary systems in the urban and rural areas of China for municipalities and residential and business property management companies. We have developed both mobile and fixed systems to meet the various needs of our customers.

Product advantages:
■ Advanced rural sewage treatment technology
■ Quick separation technology, technological know-how and years of operational knowledge
■ Cost-effective solution for decentralized sewage treatment at a small scale 
■ High quality of outflowing water, high degree of automation and integrated equipment with a general lifespan of over 10 years
■ Advanced on site septic tank treatment systems
■ Adaptable to the needs of specific customers and produces treated water that we believe meets applicable government standards
■ High degree of automation and reduced odor and noise

Investment Highlights:
● Large rural sewage treatment market in China, estimated to reach approximately RMB 200 billion (approximately $29.9 billion) in 2030 (Source: Forward the Economist, January 2018)
● Advanced rural sewage treatment technology, including our quick separation technology for cost-effective and decentralized treatment 
● Advanced septic tank treatment systems, including our automated mobile system and integrated fixed system
● Diversified strategy in application of our septic tank treatment systems in public toilets in urban areas and in service stations along highways, and organic fertilizer production
● Extensive operation and marketing network with 12 subsidiaries in 9 provinces in China
● Distinguished reputation and close relationships among the state-owned companies, local governments and residential and business property management companies and recurring or long-term service contracts
● Rich experiences in completed projects and multiple projects in the pipeline 
● Experienced management team and personnel with a demonstrated track record

Sales and Marketing:
Our customers are city or provincial level state-owned construction companies that provide turn-key solutions of rural sewage infrastructure construction including drainage, pipeline and sewage treatment for local governments.
When obtaining a new customer, we:
(1)identify the demand of local governments in rural sewage treatment;
(2)approach such state-owned companies that are capable of and experienced in undertaking sewage treatment related projects. We assist the state-owned companies in their bidding process with local governments, especially on the technology and process of rural sewage treatment; and
(3)the state-owned companies will use our rural sewage equipment and services after winning the bid.
We have mutually beneficial partnerships with state-owned companies as we provide the technological support in rural sewage treatment and the state-owned companies have good relationships with local governments, well-known brands, and sufficient working capital. 

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