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Serve as the top in Huge Marketing ---- CDT March into Hainan

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Located in the central part of Hainan Island of Qiongzhong County, Hainan Province and the northern foot of Wuzhishan Mountain, is the source of Hainan's "Three Rivers "(Nandu River, Changhua River and Wanquan River), and is also a key ecological functional area of China. In the territory of Hainan, it has a number of national and provincial nature reserves, forest coverage of 83.7%, the ecological environment has always maintained a national leading, known as "Hainan Green Lung","Forest Kingdom"," Green Treasure" and other reputation


The document of No. [2018]34 issued by the State Council on September 24,2018 identifies Hainan as the national ecological civilization experimental area, the international tourism consumption center and the national major strategic service guarantee area which implements a more proactive opening strategy, speeds up the construction of a new system of open economy, promotes the formation of a new pattern of comprehensive opening, and makes Hainan an important opening door for the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. In response to the state's strategic orientation and policy support for Hainan, currently, Qiongzhong has now carried out the treatment of the water environment in 10 townships, 4 farms and 544 villages throughout the county, with a harmless disposal rate of 75 percent for urban and rural domestic waste, over 85 percent for sanitary latrines in harmless rural areas, and full coverage for the "River Master System” to explore a new way to protect the ecological environment, help to overcome poverty and improve the quality of farmers in rural water environment.


Shenzhen CDT Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. established the project department in Qiongzhong in September 2019, and steadily advanced the company's various business in Hainan Province.



Hainan Qiongzhong Project Department of Shenzhen CDT Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.



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