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Press Releases

Shenyang Municipal Government Leaders Investigated the CDT Sewage Treatment Project

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On July 3, 2019, an investigation group composed of the secretary of Shenyang municipal party committee and the secretary of Kangping county party committee and other leaders came to Dongsheng village, Dongsheng township, Kangping county to investigate the Dongsheng village sewage treatment project undertaken by CDT.




Leading group came to sewage treatment construction site of Dongsheng village, Dongsheng township, they detailed understand the situation of the project from technical personnel "How many tons of sewage were treatment every day? How many farmer households have been reached? And the technics, standard and process of sewage treatment"at the same time highly affirmed the project in promoting the construction of new rural areas, clean village appearance achieved in the actual effect.




The leaders of Shenyang municipal government sent a message that our company should persist in promoting the toilet revolution, take various measures according to local conditions, do well in the treatment of rural sewage, and further improve the country man settlements environment to conform to the new expectations of the rural people to live a better life.

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