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Press Releases

CDT Tongan Primary and Secondary Schools Projects Conduct smoothly

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On June 15, 2018, the 27th executive meeting of the Tongan district people's government of Xiamen municipality was held to study and confirm the implementation of sewage treatment in primary and Secondary schools and kindergartens of Tongan district. The project involves 16 schools and 11 new sewage treatment sites, with a total designed water volume of 1,090m3/d.


Through field investigation and comparison with other processing technology, our company chooses the rapid separation biochemical technology as the main. The rapid separation process has the characteristics of high efficiency of nitrogen and phosphorus removal, stable N and P indexes in the discharge water and simple operation management. Due to the rapid separation process adopted in this project, the sludge production in operation is less and almost no biochemical sludge is generated. Sludge is generated mainly for the physical sludge, after air stripping to the sludge tank, then regular pumping, external transport and concentrated treatment.



Miniaturization Uses Space Efficiently



The Buried Type Effectively Matches the School


This project introduces the company's "Rapid Separation Process", which can better realize the effective treatment of sewage, effectively match with the overall environment of the school, and save the cost of later maintenance. The microcontrol function of the system greatly reduces the input of manpower.

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